The sons of God make the carpet fly
(flying attempt)

"On the 9th of March 1995 at 20.00 hours, during the Art Fair in Sollentuna, we endeavoured to make the carpet fly. Despite careful preparations and, as we believed, favourable circumstances, we failed to do so. Our faith is nonetheless unbroken and we are seeking a suitable occasion on which to make another attempt to get the carpet to fly."

Participating: Gunnel Pettersson andTore Nilsson

---"June 1989 the Sons of God was on tour in Austria and Jugoslavia. They did a performance and an exhibition in Belgrade. At their stay there they visited a market in Novo Beograd just outside the city. There they met a carpet salesman who wanted to sell them a very special Tjetjenian carpet. He told a story that it during particular circumstances could get flying. The conditions for that had to be the collected energy of yearning, necessity and faith of all related persons.

When the Sons of God get off from Belgrade the carpet was left at the home of the family where they have lived. The family later moved to Groznyj, Tjetjenia, where the situation, as we all know, went more and more unendurable. - In January 1995 we was contacted by the family that recently have arrived to Stockholm. The only thing that they brought was this carpet. We remembered, of course, the market salesman in Belgrade and his promisies of the magical quality of the carpet.

From time immemorial the story of the magic carpet have fascinated the human being. The story of an Arabian carpet that during the weaving received the supernatural quality to, by an order of a traveller, fly wherever he wants. As in the Arabian Nights. As Charles Meryon waiting for the dawn, tightened between two rough deals, raised against the wall just opposite the easterly window. As William Blake raising his ladder against the new moon crying: "I want! I want!". As the mutual longing of creator and observer. The Sons of God make the carpet fly.

In Stockholm at March 9, 1995 8.00 p.m. the Sons of God did their first attempt to fly the carpet. They informed the audience of the delicate situation, that it was a maiden voyage and that it requested everybodys attention, silence and belief to be successful..."