Guds söner have released their music on the following:

    UGN (LP, Radium 226.05, Sweden 1986)

    Small vehicle (stolen) (music cassette, Firework Records, Sweden 1988)

    Ventilation and Bypass (track on Testament, box with 5 x 7´´ records, RRRecords, USA, 1991)

    Warszawa 1 (track on Apo Mikhanis Music, LP,
    Ano Kato Records, Greece, 1991)

    Mission (CD, Anckarström, Sweden 1991)

    Resurrection (CD,Touch, England, 1993)

    Beograd (track on Textures, CD, LIMUR, Sweden 1993)

    Betaeckning (track on Anckarström live, CD, Staalplaat,
    Holland 1994)

    Proclamation (CD, Firework Edition Records 1996)

    THE OBJECT (CD, Firework Edition Records 1999)

    UGN/MAT (CD, Ash 5.3, England 2000)

    The Sons of God Drive Chairs (7´´ vinyl, Firework Edition Records 2001)

    The Sons of God Refurnish (CD, Firework Edition Records 2002)

    Conecting the cross (CD, Firework Edition Records 2004)

    THEA 1 (CD, Firework Edition Records/Ars & Modus Records 2008)

    Guds söner video:

    MISSION (Firework Edition Video 1995) Production, Photo, Editing: Erik Pauser

    Guds söner kör stolar (Firework Edition Video 1995) Photo: Dinka Pignon

    Guds söner får mattan att flyga (Firework Edition Video 1996)
    Photo: J. Gustavsson, Editing: M. Stavöstrand

    The Sons of God perform a miracle (Firework Edition Video 2001) FEV1004