(music performance for two actors, five cookers, crockery and five baths).
First performance 24 Sept.92 in connection to the Stockholm Electronic Music Festival XIV.

"(It may be seen as a propitious sign that the birds followed them out to sea.)
-The inherent energy of water is tranformed into electricity in a fundamental process. In an unexpected reunion water and electricity can make a dangerous combination. Alcohol as a metaphorical mixture can reflect this reunion."

Photo: Annika von Hausswolff

"Thus The Sons of God scrape, rub, shake and slide their instruments about the rooms. The actions, the labour they are performing, arise out of the necessity for a certain form of behaviour imposed by the instruments themselves, which include chairs, bathtubs, cookers and saucepans."

Mikael Strömberg, Aftonbladet 24 sept. 92