The Power is Yours!28.02.13

Cinemateket, Stockholm, Sweden

The Sons of God Makten är din! (The Power is Yours!)
This film is a tool for transferral. It wants everyone to restore the natural state implied by having been born into this life and the equality between us all, that we are each other's equals and have the same value and the same right to this life. The film short-circuits the hegemony of the Pope and cuts past the power of the Catholic Church, indeed of institutionalized religion of all kinds. A new system is established and keeps in contact with the creator of everything. All religions in the world are being challenged. There is no organized structure and no rules. The task is simply to return that which once and for all was given and which belongs to everyone on this earth. This film provides an open channel to that which has been withheld from us for thousands of years, so help yourself!